I just wanted to keep everyone updated on what’s happening with Apsych since we’ve been quiet for a few weeks now. I recently took a job as a social worker in a mental health team, and although I’m excited about this, I wanted to publicize it here for the sake of honesty since me holding this professional position raises questions about whether or not Apsych can still claim to be genuinely user-led.

I’ll continue to publish material on this blog, and will continue offering solidarity and support to any other users or organizations who want it. However, Apsych’s campaigning aspirations will be put on hold, at least in the short term, whilst I think about what the right thing to do is. For now, this is purely a blog, not a campaigning group or direct action network.

I’m finding this decision difficult, since it is as much a dilemma about who I am as a person as it is about what Apsych believes as an organization. It seems like not very long ago that I was in services myself, and although I feel guilty for taking the job. like I’ve ‘switched sides’, part of me is worried that not taking the job will affect my recovery. Any advice or fresh perspectives would be really appreciated.

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